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Our Mission

„Effective Intelligence Service – Successful Country!“

Georgian Intelligence Service is a special agency of the executive branch directly subordinated to the Prime Minister of Georgia conducting intelligence activities to protect national interests.

Our mission is to be actively involved in providing national security of our country.

Our goals are:

to timely identify foreign threats, risks and challenges directed against national interests;

to collect, process and analyze intelligence regarding these threats and provide decision-makers with timely and precise information;

to promote the country's strategic policy in the fields of defense and security;

to take part in the process of protecting the country's sovereignty, restoring territorial integrity, attracting investments, achieving technological progress and integrating into Euro-Atlantic space;

to have a close cooperation with other state agencies as well as intelligence services of partner countries to ensure national security.

GIS conducts intelligence activities in different fields, such as political, economic, politico-military, informational, environmental and in the fields of science and technology as well. It also takes part in fighting against international terrorism falling within its competence, plans and carries out humint activities outside Georgia as well as counter intelligence.

#51/53 Str. Unknown Heroes, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 022 772
E-mail: docs@gis.gov.ge
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