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Authority of the GIS

Most of GIS authority is defined by the law and according to this law, within the scope of its competence and given appropriate necessity, the GIS:

- has voluntary cooperation with individuals, either openly or secretly

- creates organizations of different legal status to ensure measures of conspiracy

- encrypts and disguises its documentation, personnel, units, buildings/premises and vehicles

- uses operational, operational-technical, engineer-technical, radio-electronic and other special means as well as cryptographic systems and deciphering software

- ensures protection and security of its personnel, property and sources of HUMINT information

- carries out operational-search and foreign counter-intelligence activities

- ensures observance of state secret protection requirements both within the GIS units as well as in Georgia’s diplomatic representations and consulates

- as per decision of the Prime Minister of Georgia, has cooperation with relevant foreign services on issues of national, regional and global security

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